Best Underwater LED: MIU Series Underwater LED

What makes your underwater LED lights the best?

A few aspects make our underwater LED lights very unique. Our patent pending construction method is by far the most advanced in the world. We have pressure tested our lights to 2000PSI and also test for impact, flexibility, and thermal extremes. Our lights are very thin, slightly flexible to conform to shaped hulls, and most of all, bright! Our underwater LED lights require a very small hull penetration for power wires (5/16 of an inch) and are hydrodynamically shaped for non-transom application.  Macris underwater LED lights are all made in Mystic, CT, USA.  We make the circuit boards that run the LEDs, the housings, everything.  We have total control over quality and have quite a bit of custom capability. Please contact us for custom applications.

What voltage do your lights run at?

Our underwater LEDs are designed for 12V DC systems. We can provide transformers to power your MIU underwater LEDs off 110/220VAC and also wiring diagrams for 24 or 36VDC systems.

How many amps do your lights draw?

The MIU30 underwater LED draws approximately 3.5 Amps at 12V DC. The MIU15 underwater LED draws 1.75 Amps at 12V DC. The MIU60 draws 3.5 Amps at 24V DC and 7 Amps at 12 VDC. See “Wiring Guidelines” for more information.

What is the lifespan of your lights?

The LEDs we use are the best in the world and have a lifetime of over 80,000 hours. Our lights will likely outlive your vessel by many years. We only use LEDs with LM-80 data. For more information on LED LM80 data, please read here.

How bright are your lights?

The MIU30 underwater LED puts out over 3300 lumens for our 10,000K CCT White. The MIU15 is approximately 1650 lumens, with the MIU60 over 6600 lumens.

How many lights will I need for my boat?

A) Small center consoles (15 to 18 feet)

We typically suggest 2 to 4 MIU15 units for small, single engine center consoles, using 2 on the transom and two on the sides.

B) Center consoles (up to 28 feet)

For slightly larger craft, the user could choose between 4 MIU15 units and 2 or 4 MIU30 units depending on budget. For twin engine outboards, we suggest using 3 or 5 lights, tightly placing a light between the engines for better distribution.

C) Large center consoles, cruisers and sportfish craft (28 to 48 feet)

Depending on budget and space constraints we suggest a minimum of 4 MIU30 units, with as many potentially as the owner wants. The MIU family can be side mounted to create a uniform wrap all the way around the boat.

D) Large vessels and yachts (48 feet+)

For larger vessels, we suggest using the MIU60 underwater LED for amazing light uniformity. Again, depending on budget, the sky is the limit. A minimum of 2 or 3 MIU60 units on the transom alone will create an tremendous effect. Larger vessels and yachts tend to appreciate the wrapping feature and typically will run lights up the sides as well.

Do you manufacture custom sized lights?

Yes! We make custom sized/shaped underwater LEDs and other LEDs for any application. For superyachts, we offer made to order 2, 4 and 6 foot light bars for the ultimate in underwater lighting. Please contact us for details.

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