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Introducing V3 for 2015. The evolution continues. Our latest iteration of the original groundbreaking MIU series welcomes new innovations yeilding better performance, longevity, and brightness. The ultimate and best underwater LED available. Rugged enough for commercial use, search and rescue, dive missions, and underwater research; beautiful enough for top of the line recreational and superyacht lighting. New hardcoating makes our compositie housings as scratch resistant as glass without the risk of shattering!
MIU15V3: 8″ L, 3.125″ H, 0.300″ T, 1750+Lumens
MIU30V3: 14″ L, 3.125″ H, 0.300″ T, 3500+Lumens
MIU60V3: 25.5″ L, 3.75″ H, 0.375″ T, 7000+Lumens

For boats, docks, pools, deep and subsea systems. Simple 12/24V wiring, with 110/220VAC transformers available. No external power supplies. Internally regulated.
New for 2015: Low Surface Energy Hardcoating= More slippery than Teflon! Made in USA billet housings. New housing shape. New mounting hardware. Made in the USA.

$599.99 $599.99 $599.99 $599.99 $599.99 $599.99
$259.99 $259.99 $259.99 $259.99 $259.99 $259.99
$1599.99 $1599.99 $1599.99 $1599.99 $1599.99 $1599.99

MIU Series Trim Tab Mounting Kits

One mounting bracket kit is needed for each MIU light. Purchase according to model light (TTBMIU15 for MIU15 Lights, TTBMIU30 for MIU30 Lights). All stainless mounting hardware is included. Dimensioned drawings available for templating upon request.

$79.99 $129.99

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