The MIU L-Series underwater lights are the world’s first fully bespoke, length customizable underwater lighting solution for complete elimination of hot spots and full glow and penetration.

The MIU-L10 is the smallest of the group, but still amazing, at 18W total power and over 1900 lumens.

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The MIU-L10S is the update to the popular L10, with new high efficiency chip-on-board LED design.  The L-Series underwater light was specifically designed to eliminate pinpoint hotspots and create a bespoke, fully wrapped look.  Now you can create a fully customized underwater array by choosing different length L-Series lights, to work around obstacles on the transom and edge wrap the deadrise, stringers, and bottom of the boat as well!

A truly groundbreaking advancement in underwater lighting, the L10S is the smallest in the MIU L-Series, with sizes ranging all the way up to an incredible 55″ in unbroken light output.  Fewer hot spots, more light, full turbo!

Ultra thin and narrower than the standard MIU Series means these lights are super flexible and can squeeze into tight spots. 18W power with over 1900 lumens for the L10.

Looking for MIU Installation Instructions?
Watch the New Installation Video!

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White, Ice Blue, Royal Blue, Aqua, Green, Wintergreen


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